Sunday, August 5, 2012

Number 2: The Ringlemere Gold Cup

Cup with conical body tapering to an omphalos base; the rim is flaring; a riveted strap handle links the rim and upper body. The rivet plates are lozenge shaped and the handle has decorative ridges parallel with its edges.

Dimensions and metal content: In present condition: maximum height (excluding handle): 112mm; maximum width: 105mm; thickness at rim: a little under 1mm; weight: 183.7g

Date from: Circa 1700 BC - Date to: Circa 1500 BC

Photo credit: Portable Antiquities Scheme

Number 1: The Happisburgh handaxe

Palaeolithic handaxe. Ovate handaxe in mint condition but with a small break at the butt end. Black flint with pale grey coarse grained inclusions, including a large one at the butt end, probably responsible for the v-shaped break. One face carries two small areas of fine grey pebble cortex. Dimensions 128 x 79 x 37mm.

Photo credit: Portable Antiquities Scheme