Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Number 14: Ashwell hoard

Identifying a new Roman votive (religious) site and a new goddess, the objects in the Ashwell Hoard include 19 thin 'plaques' - sheets of gold or silver impressed with religious scenes and inscriptions, and a silver figurine (her face now sadly missing). The items were found in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, in 2002 and the site was subject to a follow-up excavation, which identified a larger votive landscape containing discreet deposits of Bronze and Iron Age items. The plaques identify the goddess as 'Senuna' and indeed that is the name which appears etched on the detached base of the statuette, found by archaeologists a year after the original discovery. The items are now on display in the Romano-British Gallery at the British Museum.

Photo Credit Portable Antiquities Scheme

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